Balanced Living

          Living in a Beautifully Balanced way is about stability and fluidity.


By establishing a deep sense of feeling safe and secure, nourished and protected, we enable ourselves to behave with a calm assertiveness. There are occasions when we revert to an automatic flight-fight-freeze response and, when in this state, if we operate from insecurity, then we'll find it difficult to let go of that initial response. This is when tension and tightness build up in the body and mind.

By using a range of techniques to maintain an inner state of stability we can give ourselves the opportunity to observe any fight-fight-freeze response for what it is, to let it go and then focus our attention on using a calm assertive response. We are able to regain and nurture a loving energy to flow freely through our words and actions towards ourselves, others and the world around us. Tai Chi and Yin Yoga can offer ways to create inner stability and calm.


Bringing ourselves into balanced requires awareness. Awareness to observe the signs of when we've become off balance and to gently readjust. Too much or too little or getting stuck at one extreme are signs that we're off balance. For example it can be applied to what we eat and drink, to how we use our time, to how we treat ourselves and others. Being off balance will usually lead to tension. It's about having a range of strategies to bring ourselves 'back on track', enabling us to prevent any build-up of tension and tightness. We have to know that being 'on track' is fluid, not rigid. It's a constant fluctuation between heading towards 'too much' or 'too little', which only becomes problematic when we get stuck at either extreme. When in balance, we are free to live in harmony with ourselves (our thoughts, feelings, and experiences), others and the world around us.