Relaxation can be many things: a well earned break from a busy schedule, time out from familiar routines, five minutes to yourself or a fun time with others. A relaxing atmosphere can include soft lighting, a warm bath, a walk in the countryside, sitting by the sea. Wherever and whenever, unless you establish a deep inner sense of calm awareness, the benefits of relaxing activities will be short-lived.

Physiologically, our bodies are designed to relax after an ‘alarm’ response, returning the body to a natural state of calm awareness. If the ‘alarm’ response does not get resolved, the autonomic response is not triggered and the ‘alarm’ state continues. We do not then return to our natural state of calm awareness. Imagine the number of times our bodies have held onto an ‘alarm’ response and the layers of tension this has built up over time.

Relaxation methods aim to help bring the body and mind to a state of inner tranquillity. Current research, in particular the Minnesota Study,  has shown that making the inner world a warmer kinder place calms the more primitive fight-flight-freeze response to stress and danger. Beautifully Balanced Relaxation Therapies can help you achieve this greater state of inner warmth and serenity.

                                                             Relax, Release, Refresh, Revive!

Combining massage or reflexology with mind relaxation techniques is a powerful way to achieve deep relaxation and enables us to draw on our inner strength to deal effectively with situations, keeping stress and tension at bay. Yoga and Tai Chi also help the body and mind relax.

Habits are hard to break – the body and mind will try to resist, which is why a combination of massage/reflexology and mind relaxation techniques works best as during the process:

  • Pain-relieving hormones, endorphins, are released
  • The Body slows down – breathing is deeper, heart-rate is lowered etc
  • The body’s natural ability to renew and repair itself at cellular level is stimulated

When relaxed we don’t feel overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings, we don’t feel pressurised by others or by situations and we respond from a  secure state of being. In this state we are able to have a positive effect on others too.

Beautifully Balanced Relaxation- Meditation.

You will be guided towards the observation and reflection of your thoughts, feelings and situations to enable your inner strength and confidence to grow. You will develop nurturing self-talk to connect with your vulnerable hurt self. You will also discover how mindfulness and your imagination can help restore your natural inner calm and vibrancy.

Your awareness will first be on your breath, then on the body.  Using the power of your imagination and nurturing self-talk  you begin to dissolve the tension caused by having to keep certain thoughts, feelings and situations at bay, giving you the opportunity to see them in a new light.  After practising these session you will have a greater sense of deep inner calm and a more peaceful state of mind.(For more entrenched blocks or habits, other professional treatments can be beneficial.)

Beautifully Balanced now has bite-sized Relaxation-Meditation posts on Face Book. Look for Beautifully Balanced UK or follow the link on this site.

Topics covered include:

Breath awareness.

Body awareness.

Using the Imagination to establish a sense of inner safety and protection.

Developing encouraging and supportive self-talk.

The power of love.